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453 Facelift Rear LED Lights

Modification Details

This page covers fitting the new rear lights and making them work.
There is a hardware option for all models and a software option for 2017+ models.

453 Facelift LED Rear Lights

From about December 2019, smart started giving the option of a new design rear LED light housing.
It's hard to capture the deep red colour but real life, they look even better. 

These rear lights are available from a smart dealer. These cost about £110 each.

As you can see, I had already fitted the previous LED upgraded rear lights. These are coming out.

Remove these 2x Torx20 screws.

Pull the light back and sideways away from the car.

Flip it over to reveal the electrical connector.

Get a thin blade screwdriver into the side of the clip to lift it.


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