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453 Front Grill Removal

Modification Details

453 Lower Grill

Remove the front bumper to access the back of the grill.

All the way around the lower grill are clips that pass through the grill. Unclip them all (good luck).

Some of the tabs don't self clip but have metal clips that push over them. Lever these off or pull them off with pliers.

You can now wiggle the lower grill off of the car.

453 Upper Grill

Remove the front bumper to access the back of the grill.

Open the bonnet and remove the Torx screw that holds the end of the catches off.

It's a Torx20.

Pull the end off and push the remaining part back into the grill.

Push the catch body back into the panel so they are out of the way.

The grill is held in all the way around with a lot of clips.

There are 14 tabs that use 2 different types of clip.

Unclip them all. These are a lot easier than the lower grill clips.

Some can be levered over to clear a tab...

...and some of the tabs have metal clips that have to be levered off or pulled off with pliers.

The grill should then be free to pull forwards and off the panel.

This is what the front panel looks like with the grill removed.

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