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454 Forfour Front Removal

Modification Details

Take out the indicator units (2 x Torx bolts) they then pop out.
Be aware there is a top centre lug and a metal locating pin.

Disconnect the bulbs or the connectors.

Undo all 10 Torx bolts in the engine bay, some are partially hidden under the rubber seal.
Some cars don't have this rubber seal. You do not need to remove the fixings for the bonnet catch.

If you have side skirts, remove the 2 plastic pins (2 each side).

Lower the skirts (they are fixed via friction onto threaded lugs)...

...and undo the 10mm plastic nut that is sunk back inside the sill (1 on each side).

Unclip the arch sections from the main body, they are just clipped and pop off quite easily.

Remove the 4 bolts under the front lip of the car.

You can then slide the entire front end forwards...

...away from the clips that are on the top of the arches.

If you have headlamp washers, you will need to disconnect these and he
found that unplugging straight from the washer bottle is the best way.

The front is now free and can be taken from the car.

Lay the front end on a blanket. Somewhere where it won't fall over (it is quite front heavy).


Thanks to JJ (ProblemChild) for this page of information.

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