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Black Headlights - Peanut

The headlights are quite a nice looking design but the indicator does spoil it. This is a very old mod that is still very rare.

Modification Details

Make Your Car Look Mean

One thing you can do to make your 450 headlights look nicer is to remove and spray the insides.

Obviously not all of it, it needs the reflective part to spread the light. 

The only part sprayed is a decorative cover so it won't affect the light output, reduces stray light, looks good and won't fail an MOT. 1 word of warning though, if you use your high beams for a long time it can melt the plastic right next to where the high beam bulb sits at the back of the indicator. The normal silver coating reflects the heat from the bulb but black will absorb the heat. You can always mask that bit off and leave it chrome.

Removing The Diffuser


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