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Blind Spot Mirror

fitting blind spot mirrors to your smart

Modification Details

Most cars have blind spots between the outer edge of the mirror
view and the edge of your field of vision.

The smart is no different but there is 1 main problem with the smart mirrors.
They are really quite small (well, it is a small car).

The normal method to beat the blind spot is to either buy and fit special convex
mirrors or stick some extra small mirrors over the originals.
The extra mirrors are convex or domed and allow objects to be seen at all side angles.

As the mirror is small, adding an extra mirror takes up too much room
to be safe and blocks the view of the standard mirror.
This leaves you with 1 option, the special wing mirror glass which is
going to be costly and take time to fit.

Well not any more, there is another option.

As you can see, I have fitted a standard blind spot mirror to the inside of the door, this frees up the wing mirror, gives you a decent view to the rear and side and costs very little.

They are fitted by sticky pads so take seconds to fit.

The added advantage to this way is if they fall off they stay in
the car and not disappear down the motorway.

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