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Cabrio Rear Window Fix

The plastic windows in the 450 soft top were easily damaged and smart would only ever suggest a new roof!

Modification Details


Because of the shape of the smart fortwo, the rear window gets dirty very quickly. Wiping it off,
leaving it dirty, operating the 2nd stage of the roof or having something in the boot can all be
causes for the window becoming hazed. It is not the plastic discolouring like you would see in much
older soft top cars, generally the hazing (or the lack of being clear) is caused by tiny scratches.

Shops such as Halfords in the UK sell plastic window scratch repair fluid which
is buffed into the window. Products such as Hindsight, Renovo plastic polish, etc.

There are, of course, companies that will do it for you (to a better standard than you ever could).

The Hood Guys - Birmingham UK
Clean Image - Chelmsford UK
Premier Upholstery - Santa Clara USA

Let me know of any companies that you know or use and I will add them to this list.


Unfortunately there are 2 types of idiots,
vandals and smart cabrio owners who put sharp stuff in their boot.

They also split over age and especially in cold weather, all by themselves.

Either way you are gonna have to do something about it as that duct
tape you expertly slapped over the hole isn't ideal in the long run.

Smart, being smart have 1 option for you when it comes to a split rear window. A new roof.
You'll probably be surprised to find out that a new roof and fitting is f***ing very expensive.
If you are loaded with cash then the smart part number is 0007135V006C48X00. Prices vary (increase).

The best option is to have the plastic window replaced. Now, smart don't sell
replacement windows but that's not a serious issue. It's only plastic and can be
cut with your best safety scissors. However, this isn't a job you can do yourself
without it looking crap so it's time to call in the professionals. 


4 Smart - Cheltenham
The Hood Guys - Birmingham
Car Hood Warehouse - Chessington

JDA Trimming - Maidstone
Surrey Car Interiors - Godalming
Car Hoods Direct - Romford
Monsoon Car Hoods - East Sussex
Discount Car Hoods - Hampshire
CE Moore - North London


Premier Upholstery - Santa Clara

Let me know of any companies that you know or use and I will add them to this list.

They will unstitch the original, broken window, use it as a template to cut out
a new plastic window which is then sewn in using very strong waxed thread.

Expect to pay about £250 for the window to be replaced.


Nickolas K - I had the back window changed on my smarty car Convertible at Car Hood
Chessington three day ago the total cost was £295 instead of £1480 for the Mercedes
estimate as they do not change window but the whole back of the convertible.

Tony S - I haven't used Monsoon Car Hoods for my smart car but did for my suzuki vitara the service was
excellent and a lot cheaper than everyone else and the finished product was better quality than the original.

Richard KI took my car to the local garage who sent me straight to CE Moore.
They fixed the roof and replaced the cracked plastic window.  Expensive but very good work.


Never load the boot higher than the lower hatch.
Never allow things to move around in the boot.
Never put anything sharp in the boot.
Never EVER open the upper canvas/window part of the boot if the temperature is below 10 degrees.

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