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Fitting 451 Foglights

The foglights on the fortwo 451 are much better than the old fortwo foglights.

Modification Details


Some cars cannot have the fog light fitted due to a relay missing from the SAM unit. The fog lights do not need
to be coded. If the relay is there, the fog lights will work. If the fogs don't work, you don't have the relay.

Can You Add The Relay

You can and I have, however, the fog lights still don't work but can be turned on and off with
MB Star diagnostics. There must be missing components elsewhere on the SAM. I'm looking into it.

Buying The Foglights

The smart foglights are standard throughout many Mercedes models.
Despite being sold by smart for over £70 each and most Bosch resellers
selling them for about £45 each, they are relatively easy to buy second
hand. I got these ones from ebay for £15 including delivery.
You can buy pattern copies brand new for less than £25 if you look.

Smart part numbers are A251 820 08 56 and A251 820 07 56.
Bosch part numbers are 0 305 076 002 and 0 305 076 001.

Don't narrow yourself to part numbers when searching as not many people
know which numbers to put on Ebay and other websites. There are quite a
few numbers on the lables of both units so it's easy to get the information wrong.

You know what they look like from the pictures below.
Go to Ebay and type in Mercedes Fog. Scan through the results to find them.

Fitting Foglights

Remove the front panels as seen

Either side of the radiator you will see a wiring connection.

Plug it into the foglight.

Put the foglights in place so the locating pins sit in the correct holes.

Screw it to the car using the fixing pack (smart part number MN000000 003242).

The foglights will now be attached to the car.

Look at the back of the front panel, you will need to remove the blanking panels.
They are just held in with clips all the way around.

Unclip all the clips and push it out.

Fit the replacement surrounds with the pre cut holes.
(part numbers SA451 826 01 18 and SA451 826 02 18).

Refit the front panels.
Look at the button adding mod (seen
here) or fit a new button bank.
Check to ensure that you have the correct wire going to your button bank.
Look for a Blue/Yellow wire going to pin 8, if it's not fitted, it may be taped up somewhere.

If there is no wire, you'll need to add a wire from SAM plug 9, pin 13 to the button bank pin 8.


Like many things on the smart car, this feature needs to be activated.
Contact your local smart dealer and book your car in for this software update.

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