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Forfour Rear Bearings

Bearings eventually start to fail and become noisy and need changing

Modification Details

This information was originally posted by Mr Singh on our dedicated Forfour website.

 Jack the car up and remove the road wheel, remove the caliper using a
13mm spanner/socket on the bolt and a 15mm spanner on the slider nut.

Once that’s done make sure you don’t mix the pads up, the inner pad should have a circular mark where the piston is touching. The disc is held on to the hub with a T30 bolt, undo that before removing the disc (it might be there it might not, don’t hold me to it).

Unbolt the calliper mounting using a T50 socket and once that's done you can remove
the disc using a big pry bar or a soft faced hammer and you’ll be left with this.

Unbolt the ABS sensor using an E8 socket.

It won’t come out straight away, you will have to wiggle/twist it to get it out.
When you’ve done that, move it out of the way. 

I found that it hooks nicely in to the coil spring like so....

Now get your 16mm spanner/socket (ideally you want a ratchet spanner for
one bolt behind the brake pipe flexi) and unbolt the hub from the torsion beam.

The back plate where the calliper mounting is bolted to will also come off with the hub.

Take your new hub out of the box and a admire how shiny it is.
Smart part number for rear hub: A454 350 01 35

Clean the 2 mating faces and apply a layer of copper grease.

You should have 4 new bolts that came with the new hub. Refit the new hub with the
back plate and the 4 new bolts. Once it's bolted in place I greased the bolt ends that
are visible, again to make it easier to come off in future.

Clean the brake disc with a wire brush before refitting and bolt the calliper
mounting to the back plate. At this point you may have to wind the calliper piston back a little
bit to make it easier to refit once the pad are in using a wind back tool.

Refit the calliper and refit the wheel. Now before you start the engine and drive off, pump
up the brake pedal until it becomes hard. You don’t want to drive off and have the brake
pedal go straight to the floor. I’ve done it before and I have to say it's scary!

Give it a quick run round the block to make sure all is well.

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