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Exterior guides and mods

Front Splitter Fitting

The standard front splitter on the smart is pretty understated and boring, not to mention unpainted.This ruins the front of the car and the textured plastic gets dirty very quickly.

Modification Details

It desperately needs something doing to it so you can have
the original splitter painted or add a new splitter over the top.

Fitting The Brabus Front Splitter

This has a separate page which can be found here.

Fitting A Replacement.

There are many different types to choose from and the fitting for each will vary.
I fitted the Lorinser splitter to my smart as it was very well made and suited the car.

The minute you get it back from the spray shop offer it in place on the car.
Mine held itself in place very well while I placed a screw in either end of the splitter.

I then drove a screw in at the top of each upright.

And finally fitted the final 2 screws underneath.

It really is as easy as that, stand back, nod and smile at your car.

Job done in the time it takes for the kettle to boil.

Fitting An S-Mann Splitter

How on earth S-Mann manage to make somethings look nice (original rear spoiler and side skirts),
yet somehow they design some really ugly things too (all their front splitters and the air scoop).

Unlike the Lorinser splitter, this replaces the original instead of covering it.
Firstly you have to
remove the front panels to gain access to the fixings.

On the edge on each end there are fixings, push the pins out fo the centre and remove the insert.

Same thing with the centre uprights, push out the pin and then remove the plastic insert.

Along the join between the original splitter and the panels are four clips.
Push the tab of each clip in and push the splitter forwards to release.

The whole splitter will slide forwards before coming free.

Remove the protective film from the top section of the splitter.

Push the splitter in place so the 4 new tabs go into the holes.
Drill through the original holes and into the tabs, fit a screw into each one.

Same with the centre four holes, fit some screws.

Refit the front panels properly and take a closer look underneath the car.
There are two holes, you need to drive a screw through each one and into the undertray.
This braces the bottom of the bumper and stops it moving and flexing as you drive.

Remove the rest of the protective film, here is what it looks like when fitted.

If you follow these instructions you will notice one major problem.
From what we could make out, there is no sensible way to clip the outer edges to the car.
On our example they were standing proud by about 10mm at each end.
This could be sorted with some epoxy glue but removing it would be a pain.

If you have any clue as to how this should fit, please let us know (preferably with a picture).

Painting The Original

The smart can driven without a front splitter so take it off and to a spray shop

Undo the 2 Torx 25 bolts that hold the lower splitter on.

Push the plastic pin from the centre of the plastic rivets at
each end, the rivet will then pull out from the other side.

Same again with the lower uprights.
The splitter will now come off allowing you to pull the separate panels apart.

When you have it back from the spray shop just clip it back on,
do up the bolts and reinsert the panel rivets and pins.

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