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Headlight Eyebrows

Adding eyebrows to the headlights can give a the car a better look.

Modification Details

For some reason, headlight eyebrows are quite expensive. Price fixing at its best.
Check the links section and you will eventually find a seller who retails them.

They usually come unpainted or in a fake carbon fibre colour. Get them sprayed if you need to.

You can force the eyebrows in place but usually they will become damaged.
It is better to loosen the front panel and pull it forward a bit to give you room to fit them.

Front panel removal can be found
here, there is no need to remove the front panel fully.
Place a towel over the top of the panel to stop it scratching the tridion (see picture below).

Pull the protecting cover off of the sticky strip under one of the eyebrows.
Place it carefully so it follows the top of the headlight. You will also notice
an indent that will aid you in postioning the eyebrows correctly.

Repeat on the other side and push down to affix properly when happy with the placement.
Place a sheet of paper over each one so the paint is protected as you refit the front panel.

Refit the front panel and replace all of the fixing bolts, remove the protecting paper.

Stand back and admire your work.

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