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MDC Filler Cap Cover Fitting

As usual, the instructions are in German and as usual, online translators don't really help. Apparently the pictures aren't great either.

Modification Details

The MisterDotCom chrome filler flap was supplied by
Smarts R Us.

This is what we will be fitting.

Kit contents
  • Filler flap (chrome or matt)
  • 6 shiny hex key bolts
  • 6 spacers
  • 6 washers
  • 6 nuts
  • Some german instructions

    Tools needed

  • Torx 25 bit
  • Small crosshead screwdriver
  • Glue (rubber, super, etc)
  • Masking tape
  • Polishing cloth


    After a few false starts I finally got the fit I wanted. These instructions describe the
    optimised sequence of events, but feel free to experiment. This is quite an easy mod as
    everything can be undone if necessary.

    1. Remove the 6 bolts from the MDC flap. Retain 5 of the spacers and the flap
    itself, the rest of the parts are not needed.

    2. Open the filler cap and disconnect the fuel cap cord from the
    filler flap. It stretches so should just pull off the flap.

    3. Close the flap and remove the 5 bolts holding the flap in place using a Torx 25 bit.
    The bottom bolt is a fake, leave it for now. Put the bolts somewhere safe.

    4. Remove the original flap from the car and unscrew the fake bolt, keep it safe.

    5. Now might be a good time to transfer over the stickers, if you wish to keep them.

    6. Try opening and closing the MDC flap. If it seems a little too tightly latched
    then try loosening, adjusting or removing the screw shown here:

    The latch has to hold the flap closed during driving
    (at least until the car autolocks) but shouldn’t need to be too tight.

    7. Attach the short fake bolt to the MDC cap in the bottom hole. I used some
    handy rubber glue, with some masking tape on the front to hold it in place
    until it dried. If you are careful, you can continue without waiting for it to dry.

    8. Look at the filler hole on your car. You should see two black bolts inside, to
    either side of the filler cap. Remove the one on the right.

    It must be removed or else the MDC hinge will hit the bolt head and the flap will not close.

    9. Mount the MDC flap onto your car using 5 of the original long Smart bolts
    and 5 of the MDC spacers (use a Torx bit). As the spacers sit in rebates on the
    back of the filler ring you should just loosly fit each bolt so that you can slide
    a spacer behind each hole as you fit each bolt.
    Once all the bolts are in you can tighten them up.

    10. If you want to keep the fuel cap cord then I suggest removing the spacer from
    the bottom right bolt, and passing the bolt through the end of the cord instead.
    Do not overtighten that bolt or it will distort the ring.

    11. With the car unlocked close the flap and try locking the car. See if the flap still
    opens. It is likely that the locking bolt will have failed to extend as it will have
    hit the ring on the flap. Do not do this too often as I have heard reports of the
    bolt actuator failing if it is obstructed too much. To solve the problem, use a
    screwdriver to carefully bend the locking ring outwards a little, until the
    locking bolt passes through it easily. Mine looked like this:

    12. Close the flap and polish with a clean cloth. Job Done!

    Here it is fitted to his smart Roadster 'Orangina'. Excellent colour.

    Thanks to Osy for donating this to the site.

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