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Exterior guides and mods

Michalak Sucker

This is a very popular type of air intake, less like a scoop and more like the original.

Modification Details

Protect the edge of the car by applying masking tape to the Tridion and to the end of
the flat headed screwdriver. Place the screwdriver into the top and lever the intake out.

The standard pipe inside the hole seemed too long so I trimmed it back.
Clean the bodywork that was hidden by the original air intake.

Look on the back, you will see a water drain hole, this obviously goes at the bottom.

You will also notice that the mesh is sloped to divert water when correctly fitted.

Here you have a choice, temporary, semi permanent or fully permanent.


Use a load of exterior grade double sided sticky pads all around the inside.

Semi Permanent

Use standard bathroom silicone sealant. You can get black but not silver.
Ensure that you don't use too much or it will ooze from the edges and look rubbish.


Use Sikaflex or Tigerseal to stick the sucker in place. You can get black and white.
Ensure that you don't use too much or it will ooze from the edges and look rubbish.

Push the sucker into position and secure it until the adhesive is stuck.
With the sticky pads this is instant, just ensure it is firmly pushed in all the way around.
Either of the adhesives will take about 24 hours to cure so inventive use of masking tape
will be required. You could also lean something heavy against it for the duration.

Here it is in place. It doesn't sit flush when fitted, instead it sits slightly pround of the body.

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