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Patriotic Bonnet/Hood


Modification Details

 In every country in the world, it is patriotic to show your national flag unless you live in
England then you are seen as racist. The Americans have it right, be proud of your flag. I
don't hear of Americans being told to take down their flags as it has offended someone.

Well, believe it or not, that does happen in England. Not even in Scotland, Ireland
or Wales. Mostly it is because people are so worried about offending minorities, they
panic, claim the English flag is racist and order us to take them down. Our police
have even been known to issue warnings over displaying the English flag.

But Now It's The Football World Cup

For the Americans I mean soccer, not the game that you call football that doesn't involve a ball being touched by feet. We have a similar game to your "
handegg" game called rugby except they don't wear loads of padding and helmets and the game play doesn't stop every 10 seconds.

Oh and when I say "WORLD" cup, I mean that teams from all over the world play. Not like
your WORLD series baseball where only teams from the continent of America can play. We
have a similar game called Rounders and it's predominantly played by children and women.

Anyway, joking aside.

During the football world cup, we seem to get a partial right of passage to sometimes display the
flag of our country with less chance of being called a racist or being told to take them down.
However, despite this, the higher echelons at my work ordered us to take down our England
 flag as someone had complained. We had no option as it was on company property.

It was suggested that they had no jurisdiction over our cars so we all went a
bit overboard on the window flags etc during that week.

Personally I think the window flags are tacky and I don't even like football but couldn't miss the
opportunity to annoy someone. I decided to put an England flag design on the front of my car. I
remember Justrules doing something similar to his car and luckily the design is very simple and
smart panels are available in white which made a perfect background.

Flag Your Car Up

This is fairly self explanatory really but it could give people that creative nudge.
The smart panel in white (CA8L) was bought at a smart dealer for £65. I had the red vinyl already.
You can buy lengths of vinyl online or even vinyl wrap the panel you already have,

I cut the design out on the paper on the back of the vinyl and cut it with scissors.

Then removed the backing from the vertical strip and positioned it straight.
Smooth the vinyl down carefully to remove any air bubbles. 

Put the finished panel on your car.

Looks great and I have had lots of good comments about it.

Obviously if you don't live in England you will have to modify the design to be your flag.
If you do put your country's flag on your bonnet, send me a picture and I'll get it on here.

I bet the American flag would look awesome and smart sell panels in most base colours.

Buying a replacement panel means you can take your time on your design.

Reader's Wives..Er...Attempts

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