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Roadster Boot Removal

Modification Details

Roadster (Non Coupe) Boot Removal

You have 2 options depending if you want to leave the hinges attached to the boot deck or the car.

Leave Hinges Attached To The Car

Open the boot and look at the place directly under the hinges, you'll see a pair of nuts each side.

If you look down your underpants and see a pair of nuts, that's fine. If you see a pair of nuts each side, see a doctor.

Remove the nuts to free the hinges.

Leave Hinges Attached To The Boot

Go into the car, look behind the seat, under the rear screen. You'll see 3 bolts per side.

Remove all 3 on each side with the boot in a lowered position.

Once all 6 bolts are out, the boot deck will slide back a little way due to the gas lifters.

Choose the end you want to disconnect and use a small flat blade screwdriver to lever the clip forwards...

...just enough that it sits on the end and clears the internal ball. Not too far or it'll disappear across the garage with a ping.

The end of the gas lifter can then be pulled sideways to release.

Repeat on the other side and the boot deck will be free from the car.

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