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Exterior guides and mods

Roadster Rear Light Removal

remove the roadster rear coupe lights to change the bulbs or to replace

Modification Details

You may need to remove the rear lights to replace the bulbs or replace a broken light unit.

It's attached by 1x Torx 20 bolt, unscrew it.

The light housing then slides out away from the car. It can get stuck so a gentle nudge can help.

Easy as that really.

Fitting as normal is reverse of the above.

My Bulb Holders Are Broken

Not a problem, the bulb holders and the wiring loom are available separately.
Go to smart and order 0009518V001000000 (lamp cable set). 1 per side required.

Remove the rear light and untwist all of the bulb holders. Remove all of the bulbs, we'll reuse them.
Look down the outside hole (arrowed below)...

...and you'll see the wires going to a connector. Your arm will not fit so you'll have to go up from underneath.

Jack the car up, maybe even remove the wheel to increase the access.
Look up into the wheel arch to where the back of the lights are. You should see the connector.

Reach in and disconnect it or unclip the whole connector from the bodywork.
You can then pull it down enough to see the clip and see better how to unclip it.

Thread the new short wiring loom through the middle hole and pull the bulb holders round to their correct spaces.
Black on the outside, orange in the middle, grey on the inside.

Pull the old loom out, plug the new loom in, refit the bulbs, refit the bulb holders to the light unit and refit that.
Check that all of the bulbs work correctly.

Thanks to Paul T for the last 5 photos.

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