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Roadster Rear Window Spoiler

Modification Details

This is the spoiler found on the Roadster (not Roadster coupe). 
It holds the high level brake light, keeps the rear screen clean and makes the car look better.

Look along the inside edge. All the way around you'll find the occasional plastic push rivet.
You'll have to push the centre of the pin all the way through and then pull the outside of the rivet out.

So, push the middle in and pull the rest of the clip out. When you finally get the spoiler off, retrieve all the plastic pins.

On each side of the high level brake light is a Torx10 screw. Remove these.

Pull the red lens away to reveal the incredibly sharp reflector.

Pull the reflector out.

You can now carefully lever the spoiler away from the body. Some clips will break.
You may have to glue the spoiler back on if too many clips snap.

On the back of the spoiler is an AMP Superseal connector. Disconnect it.

This powers the brake light.

So many clips. So few survive. It's not really designed to be removed.

The spoiler holder can be removed too if you want. Just remove all of the Torx20 screws.

Then you simply pull it off the car.

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