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Roadster Roof Straighten

Modification Details

Sometimes, the roof goes wrong. Usually it's because a roof component has broken or jammed.
Whilst it's on the piss like this, there is no way to close it. We need to straighten it up first.

Open the boot and lift up the carpet in front of the boot flap.

Underneath is the single roof motor. Remove the 3x Torx30 bolts.

You can now pull the motor out.

Quite often, the motor drive cog will fall off the motor shaft and stay in the roof drive housing.

Hook it and the spacer out and keep them safe.

You can clean the hole up if you want.

Go back to the roof and manually straighten it. Using a tape measure certainly helps getting it dead straight.

Refit the cog, spacer and motor. Bolt the motor down fully before testing the roof.
Don't be tempted to half-arse screw the motor in place.

Hopefully the roof will now move correctly in unison and you can now close it.

If it continuously goes out of alignment, start checking the sliders and the hammer/rockers.

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