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Roadster Washer Bottle

Modification Details

So, you have a light front end crash and split the water bottle? Time to fit a new one or fix the original one.
The access the windscreen washer bottle, you have to take off the front panels.

There's a 10mm nut to remove near the top of the filler neck.

Then another 10mm plastic nut on the back of the metal plate at the front.

With that out, bend the bracket out slightly. This saves removing a load of other stuff.

Look in the wheel arch, you'll see another 10mm plastic nut to remove.

The stud comes from the metalwork of the car, through a tab in the washer bottle and then through the wheel arch liner.
So you have to lever the wheel arch liner over enough to clear the stud so you can slip the washer bottle tab off over it.

The washer bottle will now be flapping. Only held in place by the pump wiring and hose.

Pull the top of the pump out of the tank to clip it. Then lift to pull the pump receiver out of the tank.

Pay attention to the rubber seal between the tank and the pump. Don't lose it or it'll leak like a sieve.

Disconnect the pump if you want to change it.

The pumps aren't smart specific. They are found on other cars like Vauxhall and Opal.

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