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Exterior guides and mods

Roof Bar Colour Change

Smart's idea of colour coding was a bit odd, let's fix it.

Modification Details

Smart were a bit lazy with the Roadster. All the coupe hinges were silver and all the roof bars were
black so no matter what colour tridion you had, something wasn't quite colour coded correctly.
If you have a silver tridion and are sick of the black roof bars there is a cheap and easy fix.

Here is a standard Roadster side roof bar in black, you will need silver vinyl.

Pull the rubber seal off the roof bar and give everything a good clean.
Cut a length of vinyl, peel off the backing on one end and slowly work across.
Make sure that no air gets trapped under the vinyl.

Once you have gone all the way across the roof bar, take a sharp blade like a scalpel
and trim around the edges to remove the excess vinyl. Clean and dry the rubber seal
and replace it onto the roof bar. The seal should cover any edges of the vinyl.

The shape of the side bars make vinyl wrapping very easy using standard vinyl but it is made easier
if done in a warm room plus you can use a hair dryer to warm and shape the vinyl around edges,

Fit the side bars to the car and admire your handywork.

What Vinyl?

Aslan C118 silver. (thanks to Andrew Y for the confirmation).

You don't need special wrapping vinyl due to the simple shape so any exterior vinyl will work.

I buy all my vinyl from MDP Supplies.

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