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Screen Washer Faults

The screen washer system is quite basic so there are only a few things that can go wrong.

Modification Details

Rear Screen Washer Jet

The possible problems for the rear washer jet are:
No water coming out

Water entering the car when rear washer is used.

No Water Coming Out

First thing to check is that there is water in the washer tank.
See here.

Is there any noise when you try and squirt the screen? If not, check the fuse for it.
Fortwo 600cc fuses, Fortwo 700cc fuses, Fortwo 999 fuses.

Does the front washer jet work? The pump could be faulty.

Your last thing to try is to pull the pipes off of the washer pump and try blowing down them.
The pump is located underneath the centre front panel on the side of the water tank.
The squiter nozzles can become clogged with calcium deposits, it isn't easy to clear.
A new nozzle is often the easiest solution but compressed air or limescale remover can help.

Water Is Entering The Car When The Rear Washer Is Used

Pipe Split Or Come Off

Inside the rear spoiler is a problematic connection that joins two rubber pipes.
Either the pipe has split and come off or more rarely the connector can snap.

Gain access to the rear washer pipe by following
this info.

Look near the wiring plug for the wiper motor, you will see the tube and connection.
The tube will probably be off and/or split so trim off any damaged pipe and reconnect.

Slide the panel back in place making sure the clips (highlighted with red lines)
line up and clip back into the correct place.
Hold the panel back in place and replace the 4 screws.
Use a screwdriver to push the tabs back in place.
The position of the 3 tabs are highlighted with red arrows.

Test the rear squirter to ensure it works, it can be a blocked
nozzle causing the pipe to come free from the connection.

Connector Snapped

As you can see, in this instance, the connector had snapped.

Undo all the torx screws holding the spoiler section in place and lift up to
reveal the other side of the broken connector. Pull the pipe off this end too.

Drill the old connector out, be slow and gentle as you do this.

You now need to join the two sections of pipe together. Ideally you would use
a barbed hose connector, these are available from DIY stores such as B&Q and
places that sell aquariums or garden watering devices and drip feeders.

Paul decided to make his own from the feeder straw of a spray bottle.

Cut off a reasonable length and push it into the pipe...

...and into the other side as well.

A zip tie on either end will reduce the chance of the pipe coming off again.

Test the squirter works with no leaks or drips from the new connector.

Replace the spoiler. It is important that you now seal the drilled hole that the repaired
pipe goes through. Use Tigerseal, Sikaflex or silicone sealant to block the hole.

This stops the outside water pouring into the cabin. Allow to dry fully.
It's worth testing the seal is perfect by hosing the car and checking for leakages.

Thanks to Paul for the pictures.

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