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Smart Mirrors with Indicators

fitting Smart Mirrors with Indicators. These will fit the 450 fortwo and the 452 Roadster.

Modification Details

I'm sure you have all seen the 3rd party mirrors available, usually mimicking something
found on a Mercedes or BMW. Usually available in manual, electric, black, carbon, chrome,
with or without indicators, tinted or non tinted glass. The list can go on.

The drawback with these after market mirrors are they can be poor quality, base
plates are rubbish, look too big for the smart, poke out at funny angles and don't fold.

I have had M3 and Cup mirrors on my previous car and they all ended up
damaged where people hit them and the mirror didn't move.

I wanted an alternative. I had seen the mirrors sold by other companies that were
nothing more than the standard mirrors with a side repeater stuck on them. I wanted
something with a factory fit feel so I had a pair of mirrors imported from China.

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Here is what they look like fitted.

Within not much time at all they had arrived and for a very good price (£115 at the time).

The advantage to these is they are almost exactly the same as the standard
mirrors so therefore use the original glass and the base plates.

They come in unpainted black with a fairly good finish, the flash lines
are slightly raised but nothing a bit of wet and dry paper won't sort out.

Before I got them I was concerned that they would be a low quality
thin plastic but I was happy to be wrong on this occasion.

These mirrors can be folded in for safety or when hit so they should be
safe from poor drivers and idiot pedestrians. Exactly like the originals.

Fitting The Indicator Wing Mirrors

First off you need to remove the existing wing mirrors which is shown

Turn the wing mirror upside down and remove the three T20 Torx bolts

The base should pull free, the adjuster can be pulled through the base.
Undo the single T20 Torx screw from the inside edge

Undo the three T10 Torx screws from the adjuster base found when you remove the mirror.

With the adjuster base pulled out of the way undo the two T20 Torx screws from the arm.

The arm and adjuster will now slide freely from the wing mirror housing.

As you can see, the two wing mirror internals differ slightly so they can use a common adjuster design.

Trim these back to match the lengths of the existing mirrors, these differ depending
if you have a left or right hand drive car as the mirror needs to sit at a different angle.

Using the reverse of what you have just done, reassemble the parts
into the new mirror casing. (see note at the bottom of the page)

Once all the parts are in place, thread the three wires through the front hole and out
the base. Don't pull them tight, try to route them where they won't rub or become
trapped by the three adjuster cables.

Refit the wing mirrors to the car remembering to check the foam seal is sitting correctly.

Because these are made to fit LHD and RHD cars, the three pegs that the adjuster base is screwed to are too
long and need to be trimmed down. I trimmed the two pegs to about 10mm in length and the single peg
to about 15mm. It is best to look at the originals, trim a bit and check the fitting until you are happy.

Wiring the indicators

The indicator inserts have 3 wires coming from each one,
Red wire = positive for the indicators (orange LEDs),
Black wire = positive for the driving/side lights (white LEDs),
Brown wire = Common earth wire for all LEDs

Personally I decided not to wire the side lights and only bothered with the indicators.
Push the wires through the foam seal and into the door

With the door open pop the cable retainer out by pushing it downwards and levering
the top with a screwdriver. On the retainer are 2 clips, unclip them and fold it open.

Reach into the door through the hole and pull the wires out, thread
them through the retainer, fold it closed and clip it back into the door.

The job is easier if you take the front of the car off, instructions can be found here.
Cut the original bulb holder off, strip the wire back and twist the 2 brown wires together.
Same goes with the 2 remaining wires. Heat shrink the joins or wind in electrical tape.

Stick the hazard lights on and check to make sure both sides
light up before replacing the front panel. That's it, job done.

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