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Smooth Rear Wiper

Modification Details

Smart had no reason to use a better wiper on the rear window, it does its job and is barely ever seen. This
doesn't mean it's acceptable on my car though. It doesn't take long for the cheapo blade to start chattering and
clearing the windowas well as a comb would. Changing the rubber is a possibility but why not change the arm?

The Search Was On

I have literally spent days going around carparks and car dealers measuring smoothr ear wipers on
almost a hundred cars to find the perfect look, size and length. Not only do they have to be the right
length so they sweep enough of the window without going off the edge, they had to the correct height
so they fitted to themotor shaft but still applied the correct pressure on the blade as it moved.

After the long search I came up with a shortlist of 4 cars, 2 of which regularly parked in
the car park at work. In the dead of night I borrowed their rear wiper for a trial fit only
to be dismayed to find that there are a few different types of fitment and these 2 didn't fit.

With only 2 left to try I went to a main dealer and asked if I could take the wiper off
a car on the forecourt, I think they said yes just to see what the hell I was doing. The
wiper fitted, it was a little short, and after getting off the floor after hearing the price I left.



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