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Exterior guides and mods

Update The 451 Headlights

The new 451 headlights are quite up to date but there is nothing stopping you personalising them a bit.

Modification Details

The obvious thing to do is to remove the standard sidelight bulbs...

...and fit LED sidelights.

On some 451s, the indicator jewel is clear but the indicator bulb is still orange,
this gives an egg like appearance.

It looks pants so swap the orange bulbs out for some 'silvertec' bulbs.
These are silver to look at but illuminate orange.

You could also fit the silver bulbs AND remove the jewel.

If the indicator jewel is orange you have 2 options. Remove it...

...or tint the jewel and refit

The ultimate update is to copy the Brabus headlights.
These have the internals sprayed in an anthricite colour.
You can spray the internals any colour you like.

Making your own Brabus headlights can found

Future Additions

You could fit angel eyes and use them as either side lights or DRLs.

HIDs on the 451 look good (although illegal to retrofit), A 451 specific guide will be added
to the site in the near future but in the mean time, have a look at the
450 HID fitting guide.

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