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Exterior guides and mods

Vertical Wiper Mod

changing the wiper so that they are vertically aligned

Modification Details

Tools required (after front end is off) include a 13mm socket and flat screwdriver
(to pry off the arms from the motor output shaft). I don't think a 13mm socket
wrench combo will fit in there.

First locate the area to be worked on. The wiper motor (pink arrow) is located on the
near side half, under the tridion (just above the windshield fluid reservoir). To make
this operation easier, I suggest turning the wipers on 'intermittent', so you can watch
the action of the motor/arm and realize what the 'new' arm position is required.
Basically, you want the arm/ball joint (yellow arrow) on the opposite side when the
wipers are off (yellow arrow). Easy eh?

Turn the wipers off, remove key from ignition and carefully unplug the windshield reservoir pump plug (green arrow) by squeezing the small tab on the plug, and pulling. This will allow you more clearance for the 13mm socket.

Next comes the hardest task in this operation, loosening the 13mm nut (red arrow). Somehow, you'll need to (comfortably) get your free hand up inside to apply resistance on the arm-action when forcing the nut loose with the wrench. Make sure you're turning the wrench in the correct direction since the nut is in a reversed location from your viewpoint! Beware not to crush your free-hand fingers between the arms when torquing the nut.

Additional info

Thanks to James W for adding a clever trick to this How2. Instead of trying to hold the small arm with your hands, place an 18mm open spanner over the end.
This gives you enough leverage to hold the arm without skinning your knuckles.

Loosen the 13mm nut, but DO NOT remove the nut completely from the threaded motor pinion, the 'new' location of the arm allows no room to screw it back on (blue arrow). Using the flat screwdriver, pry the short 2' arm (with splines) off the motor pinion splines so it moves around freely.

Now we need to return the motor back to its natural 'off' position (in case you forced it accidentally by loosening the nut). Put the key back into the igntion and turn the wipers on/off briefly. If you loosened the nut enough, the actual wiper blades should NOT have moved from their down position. Remove key.
Now physically take the wiper arms and position them vertically on the windshield (should have no motor-resistance). Now you'll notice the arm is 180degrees (yellow arrow). Push the short 2' arm back on the splined pinion shaft once you're satisfied with the 'new' vertical arm position, and retighten the 13mm nut. Now you'll notice why it was best not to remove the nut because of the tighter area between the arms (blue arrow).
Once the nut is tight, try the wipers from inside the car and make sure you're happy
with the new location. Plug in the fluid reservoir motor, top up the fluid if needed, and reassemble the front plastic panels.

Treating the Windscreen

If you perform this mod, it is advisable to treat it with a rain repellent like Rain-X.
Treating your windscreen can be found

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