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Washer Bottle Cap

The washer bottle cap doesn't stand up to UV light and degrades, you could just replace it with another one, or...

Modification Details

With the fortwo 450 being officially old, we are starting to see what parts aren't holding up so well.
1 part that doesn't last long is the lid for the screen washer bottle. Open the left service screen...

...and look in through the hole.

Lift the washer bottle filler hose out through the service hatch and this is what you'll probably find.

Notice the straight(ish) line where it has snapped. The plastic was very brittle and just crumbled
when touched. The plastic of the cap has been affected by the UV light entering the service hatch.
This type of plastic isn't designed to cope with UV light and in normal cars, they don't see much light at all. The
same cap on the Roadster and 451 is fine despite being the same plastic as they are hidden under the bonnet. 

If you want to replace it, the smart part number is Q 0001778V005000000.
However, why pay to replace a badly designed part with another badly designed part?

Wouldn't just be easier to use a replacement cap that fits perfectly, a cap you probably already own (and if you don't
you can easily get from a supermarket). Added bonus is that it comes in various colours so you can match your car.

The cap is on a cheap item and it's even cheaper if you just steal one.

What Cap Fits?

Caps from plastic milk jugs fit perfectly. In the UK, it seems as though all plastic milk jugs
have the same size lids. This is a small plastic container of semi skimmed milk from Sainsbury.

It pushes on and unscrews to remove it.

You have a range of colour options in the UK.
Blue - full fat milk
Green - semi skimmed
Red - skimmed
Orange - 1% fat

These are from various other supermarkets so I'm guessing they are all a universal size.

Waitrose and Sainsbury's (UK) do their own brand with a purple cap.

Different countries have different colour systems.

If you are outside of the UK, try it out and let me know if it works and what colours you can get.

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