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Windscreen Squirter Clean

Modification Details

Every car has a windscreen squirter. It's usually 1, 2 or 3 holes that washer fluid is forced through.

The problem with these is 3 fold.

1 - The holes are quite small.
2 - Water contains impurities.
3 - They don't get used that often.

Impurities like calcium from hard water areas didn't take long to build up in small apertures and the
lack of use means that the water regularly just sat around building up deposits.

Windscreen washer fluid does usually contain water softener but that just slows down the build up.

Some people even put vinegar in the washer fluid to help dissolve the calcium build up. 

However, if you leave it too long and one of the squirters gets blocked, it won't help adding it afterwards.

If you ask on FaceBook or the forums, you'll no doubt get a stream of shit about blasting it out with
an air compressor. Sure but normal people don't have such things. Fixes are varied but mainly crap.

So I had a think about it and came up with a decent way to do it.

This is an interdental brush. It's something I recommend you use regularly on your teeth anyway.
They can be bought for a few pounds/dollars.

They are normally coloured for different sizes:

Pink 0.4mm
Orange 0.45mm
Red 0.5mm
Blue 0.6mm
Yellow 0.7mm
Green 0.8mm
Purple 1.1mm
Grey 1.3mm
Black 1.5mm

The figure is the outside diameter of the wire that holds the bristles.

The orange 0.45 fits in nicely. The red 0.50 will be fine too.

The smart nozzles are approximately 0.7mm but you need some room for the bristles.

Like a tiny pipe cleaner, gently push it into each of the squirter holes to clear them out.
Dripping vinegar on the bristles will help clear any stubborn deposits.

Put it back in your tool kit, don't use it on your teeth.

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