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Wing Mirror Replacement Glass

How to fit and where to buy replacement mirror glass

Modification Details

If you have a broken mirror in eaither of your side mirrors you have 2 options.

The 1st option is a favourite because it costs less but it's a bodge.
If you look on eBay you will find replacement over mirrors. These are plain mirrors with a
double sided sticky backing that just sticks straight over the top of the existing broken mirror.

I've never been a fan of this approach as you are just covering up a problem, not fixing it.

The 2nd option is better. What you get in addition to the stick on mirror is a new backing plate.
This totally replaces the broken mirror piece. Doing a search on eBay for smart mirror plate will bring up a few to choose from. Just select the one that matches your car.

You also have options such as plain (matches the original), convex, aspheric and blind spot which all give a wider view and reduces the the size of the blind spot to the side of the car.

Remove the existing broken glass
and backing plate.

This is what we have in the kit. A replacement mirror, sticky pad and a mounting plate.

Push the mounting plate into the mirror shell and make sure it clips in fully.
There is no need to trim the backing plate on the smart.

Because the backing plate is injection moulded plastic it will have a fine layer of release agent
still on it from manufacture. The sticky pad won't stick very well so you must clean it first.

A small squairt of brake and clutch cleaner spray will work. So will rubbing it with sandpaper.

Peel the backing from the double sided sticky pad...

...line it up in the mirror and push it in place.

Apply even pressure over the mirror to ensure that it sticks well to the backing.

Notice the line running down the mirror, everything up to this line is a standard straight mirror,
the small section passed it is convexed. This is often called an aspheric or blind spot mirror and
they increase the viewing angle. Look on the eBay listings for mention of the mirror type.

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