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Brabus Sub Fitting

About the Brabus sub, what it is, where it goes, how it fits, what is in it and more.

Modification Details

Here is the Brabus under seat sub woofer. It's a fairly basic design that
retails for an obscenely offensive price of about £350, paying for the name?

This page will show you how to fit it, wire it up and give you background info about the
dimensions, speaker and amp information.

If you pay full price, you are a mug and you will be disappointed.
I got mine second hand for £100 which is all it's really worth.
If you can't get one for this price, consider a
3rd party alternative.

It's a ported box design, the metal extrusion on the back is the amp.
On the end you can make out the single control that alters the output.

On the other end of the amp is the power and speaker socket.


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