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450 Dash Speaker Upgrade

Let's be honest, the standard smart sound is pretty dire but help is at hand.

Modification Details

The standard sound system in the fortwo 450 is rubbish.
It consists of 2 small speakers screwed to the underside of the dashboard.

Small speakers are never going to create a good bass sound plus there are no high frequency tweeters so all
you will get is a poor quality midrange. What we need to do is add ported boxes, bigger speakers and tweeters.

First off you need to remove the dashboard which can be found

You will need:
a Torx10 screwdriver,
4 screws about 20mm long size 8 (if you don't get the fixing bolts with the boxes),
13cm speakers,
10mm socket,
2 x 6mm nuts and washers, and
left and right speaker boxes from smart.

Right hand drive versions.

RH side box smart part number Q0011171V003000000
LH side box smart part number Q0011168V003000000

Left hand drive versions.

RH side box smart part number Q0001151V012000000 
LH side box smart part number Q0001255V013000000

Important information concerning your choice of speakers

The larger box is actually quite shallow so try to get shallow speakers.
The depth at the shallowest point is only about 45mm so be careful.

Some people have made spacer rings from MDF which resolves the depth issue.



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