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450 Rear Speakers

The boot of a smart car isn't the biggest thing ever so it would be silly to take up space with speakers. Lets put them in the lower hatch.

Modification Details

Surround (Or More Spread Out) Sound

There are 3 types of people when it comes to car audio:

1 - People who know nothing and don't care, just as long as they can sing along with the radio.
2 - Audio purists who bang on about sound stages, frequency matching and shit like that.
3 - Normal people who just want the sound in their car to be better.

Luckily most of you will be the 3rd type.

Spread The Sound

The speakers in your car have to work hard to fill the whole cabin. Depending on the smart you have, the
speakers can be under the dash or in the doors, neither of these are perfect positions for a good equal sound.
Because of the poor position of the speaker, you have to bring the volume up higher to fill the cabin
and drown out the sound of the engine which is at the other end of the car.

The obvious answer is to add a pair of speakers in the back of the car to equalise the sound.
Now the front speakers don't have to work so hard so you get a better quality of sound at a lower volume.

Lower volume is better all round as you are less likely to bring on tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Fitting Rear Speakers 450


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