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451 Speaker Upgrade

Even the upgraded speakers on the 451 are rubbish, the system has a lot of potential so lets realise it.

Modification Details

451 Upgrade Speakers

What I am fitting here are a set of Infinity 6020cs. They are 6.5 inches and come with a 2 way
crossover and tweeters. You are not limited to just these, you can surface mount any speaker
you want up to about 7.5 inches. You just have to be mindful when it comes to speaker depth.

Front mounting the speakers lets you use a slightly deeper and wider speaker giving you better quality sound.

Rear mounted speakers maximum depth 60mm
Front mounted speakers maximum depth 70mm

These maximum depths are totally dependent on the speaker and how it's mounted. Take these as a guide.

Not all speakers can be mounted from the back because of width, depth and height of the cone.
If you run a speaker with a built in floating tweeter, they can knock against the existing speaker grill.
That would limit the speaker travel, reduce performance, buzz like hell and sound terrible.

Mounting from the front as this page shows you allows you to use the speaker covers that come with the speakers
you bought. As they are designed for them they will be clear of all the moving parts and will sound great.

Existing Wiring

Which wire is negative? Which wire is positive?

Although with speakers it doesn't really matter which way you wire them as long as you wire them all the same
way otherwise the phase will be out and it'll sound a bit worse. It's good to be consistent with the wiring.

All of the speaker positive wires are solid colours.
All of the speaker negaive wires have a different colour stripe.

Fitting The Midrange Speakers - From The Back

The proper way to do it.


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