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451 Standard Tweeters

Do you only have the standard door speakers, want the speaker upgrade? Read on.

Modification Details

Fitting The Standard Tweeters

You will need to contact your local smart dealer and get a pair of tweeters.
The part number is A4518270060001 for both speakers.
They are the same as many other Mercedes tweeters such as A6398271560.

Unlike the previous fortwo, the crossover is done at the tweeter instead of in the stereo.
Low frequency removal is done by the 4.7uf, 50 volt capacitor.
The connector socket is moulded into the tweeter chassis.


The tweeters are held to the underside of the dashboard in large plastic clips.
The wiring for the new tweeters will either be plugged into the blanking hole for storage, (circled below)
but more likely they will be taped to the loom close by, look for a pair of spare 2 pin connectors.


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