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453 Stereo - Pioneer EVO62DAB

Modification Details


Finally, a good 453 replacement stereo that doesn't cost £1200 like the Alpine version did.

This is the Pioneer SPH-EVO62DAB and the SMAB fascia for the 453 fortwo and 453 forfour.

It is a direct replacement for the Smart Audio System.

It can also replace the Smart Media System but it's a lot of pissing about getting extra smart parts.

Assembly Of The Stereo

This is what you get to assemble the stereo. For this fitment, we don't need the brackets shown top left.

Screw the brackets to the front screen.

Screw the bracketed screen to the main unit.

Connect the main unit to the screen.

Take the front panel from your existing stereo and take off the silver bezel.

It's the same silver bezel for both stereo types.

Then clip that silver bezel to the back of the new fascia.


It has so many connectors because it's possible replace both types of stereo. You don't use them all.

The brown and black connectors connect to...

...the large connector on the standard ISO to Pioneer wiring loom. The small black plug connects to the rear of the stereo...

...which is here. The gold connection above it is for a DAB antenna.

It also has a headphone jack type connector which plugs in to the sockat labeled WR (steering wheel controls).

Moving on. This is the auxiliary connector. You don't have to use any of these if you don't want to.

This auxilary connection loom plugs in here.

Don't panic by the number of connectors. It's only as complicated as you want it to be.

This is the back of the basic stereo. The Pioneer has matching connections in the main loom.

This is the back of the radio module for the standard touch screen stereo (Tomtom R-Link).
The Pioneer also has matching connections in the main loom for these too.

You only need to use the pair that fit the connections found in your car.

The final connection is the one that allows Apple Carplay or Android Auto.
On the far left of the rear of the unit is a standard USB socket.

Get yourself a suitable USB to phone lead. In this case, lightning for iPhone.

Route the cable to somewhere suitable and plug your phone in.

Fitting The Stereo - Basic Radio

Remove the existing stereo.

Pull the stereo out...

...and disconnect.

Plug in all of the connections that fit what you have. You can't get it wrong since they are all different.

There are 2 small plugs labeled with or without touchscreen. Make sure the correct one is plugged in for you.

Plug the brown and black connector into the large black connector (again, you can't get it wrong).

Plug into the back of the stereo.

Connect up the aerial.

Connect up the steering wheel button convertor.

Connect up anything else you need, especially the USB lead. Slide the stereo into the hole.
You'll need to stuff a load of wires and connections in but eventually it'll slide in. Bolt the stereo in securely.

Clip the new fascia in place and turn the car on to test.

Fitting The Stereo - Touch Screen

This Pioneer can replace the Smart Media System (R-Link, TomTom) as it has the wiring
connectors for it, however, you do need extra shit depending on what you want to do.

For a start, you need to go to smart and order part number A4536801400. This replaces the part behind the stereo.
Then depending on what else you have on your existing stereo, you will need the following adapters.

DAB Antenna Original USB Adapter JBL Audio Adapter Reversing Camera
CA-AN-DAB.001 CA-IW-SMA.001 CA-SS-SMA-001 CA-BC-6V.001

Once you have removed the touchscreen stereo and fitted the smart part A4536801400,
the Pioneer fits in the same method as the basic stereo.
You also need the standard silver surround, smart part number A4536802003 (to be confirmed). 


If you don't have a phone plugged in, you get a very normal Pioneer stereo experience.
However, when you plug a phone in, it takes you Carplay or Android Auto.

This stereo doesn't have GPS built in. Instead it uses the phone's GPS app and diaplays that.
Pioneer recommend Waze but several other navigation apps work. Some don't however.

With your prefered navigation app running, it displays as you'd expect.

The steering wheel controls function as expected and Siri/Bixby/etc work as normal.
Your texts and messages can be read to you and you can reply by talking.

Setting The Time

If you had the smart media system and fitted this Pioneer, you won't be able to change the time on the speedo as normal.
Previously you'd just change the time on the stereo and it'd automatically update the time on the speedo.

Thankfully, Pioneer thought of this and added a way to change it.

The vehicle must be stationary with the handbrake on.
Turn the vehicle on and off (key in position 2) for three times.

Then use the buttons on the right of the steering wheel to adjust the time.

When you have set the time correctly, turn the car off for 10 seconds and you are done.

Purchasing Link

I'm impressed by this stereo and the fitment, so we are selling these through
Most places sell these for £600 but we will be under-cutting that considerably.

If you are interested in buying one for £550 + postage (currently £500 on sale), click the smartmods link below.

If you check other companies for pricing, be aware of a dodgy company selling them very cheap.
Either it won't arrive or just the plain stereo will arrive with no smart specific fitting kit.

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