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453 Stereo Incorrect Time

Modification Details

Incorrect Time On 453 Media Nav

First things first, update the software to sort the Week Number Roll Over issue.

I Have Updated But The Time Is Still Wrong

More and more people are saying they are having this issue.
I don't personally have this stereo for testing but I have an idea.

All of the complaints I have seen have a common theme.

They have all been British and the time has always been 1 hour out.


British Summer Time is some pointless bullshit where they add an hour in the spring and take off an hour
in the autumn. This is just an annoyance to GPS and stereo makers as the GPS signal is still giving out the
"correct" time and then the software has to add on the extra hour for British summer time.

In many applications, BST is a selection that you have to manually select.

Possible Fix

Look in the system settings. There must be a setting for BST or +1 or "set time automatically" that can be changed.

You Help Me

If you look and find anything, please send me photos so I can update this page.

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