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Aerial Modifications

The smart aerial is too long, makes too much noise, distracts as you drive and doesn't even give a good reception. Let's make it look nice or make it functional.

Modification Details

Yes, you could just go an buy a 'bee sting' aerial off of Ebay but in my experience I found
the quality of the radio reception to be poor. Also they get stolen and the thread corrodes.

My aftermarket aluminium aerial lasted 3 months before the thread had become so
oxidised that the whole thing just fell off. This is a classic reaction between two metals.

Current Options

Reduce the size of the original
Use a different car aerial
Fit an aftermarket aerial

Reduce The Size Of The Original

I credit
Bubski for this mod as he was the first person I saw that had done it.
     Unscrew the original aerial by twisting it anticlockwise, you may need to use pliers.

Pull the top off of the aerial and put it to one side.

Decide on how long you want the aerial to be. I don't listen to the radio so
mine is short.Using a pair of pliers or cutter, cut a section off of the aerial.

Measure one inch from the end and strip back the black insulation.

Place a dab of glue on the tip of the aerial and replace the plastic cover.

Using A Different Aerial


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