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Cheap BOSE Sub

There are a lot of small amp/sub combos but you have to pay a lot for anything reasonable with a name you recognise on it. You can buy no-name cheap compact/under-seat subs but are they going to be any good? How about an excellent name in audio? How about a sub from BOSE that costs half the price of a cheap sub?

Modification Details

Budget BOSE

Most of us have heard of BOSE but few people can afford their gear. Even 2nd hand, the BOSE
audio gear holds its price very well. Generally it is well made and sounds great, hence the cost.

However, there is an untapped area where BOSE amps, subs and speakers go for not much money.
How about a BOSE sub for £30(ish). The added bonus is that some of these subs have built in BOSE amps too.

Where To Buy And How To Fit


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