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Debadge the Stereo

Remove the lettering from the stereo.

Modification Details

A while ago whilst reading I came across a mod for removing the printed and transfered letters
from phones and PDAs. The mod suggested rubbing sugar cubes against the lettering until it came off. Using sugar
cubes does work on the smart stereo but the textured plastic means you go through a cube every 10 seconds.

It was then I remembered a mod from the Roadster manual produced by German smart modifier Sacki. It had the
same idea but used a pen eraser. A pen eraser is very much like a normal eraser but is harder and more granular.

If possible remove the front of the stereo, you don't want it full of rubber shavings.

If you can't get the front off, make sure you protect any open areas.

Using the pen eraser, rub as hard as you can and you will notice the logo begin to fade.

Eventually, after a good 10 minutes, the letters will have totally gone.

When you have finished you will notice that the area is a different colour, don't worry, it's not a permanent mark.
Dampen the area and rub with a brush or towel to get the fine layer of rubber out of the textured plastic. Once
it is all out it will be the same colour as the surrounding plastic and no trace of the original logo will be seen.

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