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Grundig CD Changer Cable

Modification Details

Making Your Own CD Changer Cable

Getting a compatible CD Changer for the Grundig stereo is fairly easy as it's the same model used in many Fiats and
Lamborghinis. Just do a search for MCD36 for the 6 disc changer. The MCD10 10 disc changer should also work
although you are a bit more limited by the way you select the discs due to the number of buttons on the stereo.

The problem is getting a CD Changer cable. Sure, you can buy them online (search eBay for Grundig CD changer
cable) but generally they are expensive and way too long at over 5 metres. The actual smart cable is only 2m long.

So, why not make one? The parts are readily available and cheap.

Parts Required

You'll need:
1x blue mini ISO plug
8x micro timer terminals
2 metres of 8 wire cable
8 pin DIN plug (270 degree)

On the left is the 270 degree 8 pin DIN connector. Notice that the outside pins are in a circular pattern (C type).
You DON'T want the alternative on the right which is the 262 degree 8 pin DIN connector (U type).


Blue Mini ISO Connection Number Wire Colour Type
13 Black CD Changer Data Signal
14 Green No Connection
15 Black Data Ground
16 Blue 12v Permanent Live
17 Yellow 12v Switched Live
18 Black Audio Input Ground
19 White Audio Input Left
20 Red Audio Input Right

8 Pin DIN Connector Number Wire Colour
1 Yellow
2 Blue
3 Green
4 Black
5 Heat Shrinked Data Ground (Black)
6 Red
7 White
8 Heat Shrinked Audio Ground (Black)

Blue Mini ISO Connector Number 8 Pin DIN Connector Number
13 4
14 3
15 5
16 2
17 1
18 8
19 7
20 6

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