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Grundig Display Info

Modification Details

Stereo Display Info


>>VOL 20<< Volume
>>BASS 00<< Bass
>>TREB<< Treble
>>BAL L—R<< Balance left/right
>>LOUD ON<< Loudness on
>>LOUD OFF<< Loudness off
>>PHONE<< Telephone mode
>>SOUND 1<< Sound setting stored on button 1

Rado Mode

>>AF ON<< Automatically turn to AF in case of poor reception
>>AF OFF<< No automatic AF change
>>MAN<< Manual tuning
>>MW< Medium wave
>>LW<< Long wave
>>TP<< Traffic announcements on
>>OO<< Stereo reception

CD Mode

>>DISC<< CD loaded
>>SCAN ON<< 10 seconds of each song played
>>RND ON<< Plays tracks in random order

CD Changer Mode

>>SCAN ON<< 10 seconds of each song played
>>RND ON<< Plays tracks in random order
>>MAGAZINE<< Magazine missing or not pushed in
>>SURFACE<< CD damaged or upside down
>>NO COMMU<< Transmission interrupted or lead damaged

Expert Settings

>>TAVOL 20<< Traffic announcements volume
>>PHVOL 20<< Phone call volume
>>PHONE OFF<< No evaluation of telephone connection
>>PHONE ON<< Sound mutes during phone call
>>PHONE IN<< Sound mutes and phone played through the speakers
>>REG ON<< Automatically change to regional stations
>>REG OFF<< Regional stations turned off
>>IGN ON<< Stereo switched off with ignition
>>IGN OFF<< Stereo switched off with the on/off switch
>>BEEP ON<< Signal tone on
>>BEEP OFF<< Signal tone off
>>AM ON<< AM range is selectable
>>AM OFF<< AM range cannot be selected
>>SAFE<< Theft protection on
>>CODE<< Theft protection off

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