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Grundig Expert Settings

Modification Details

Expert Settings

More than one setting is usually assigned to each button, the expert settings are parameters that you rarely need to change.

Setting The Functions

Press and hold the button with the smart logo on it until you hear a beep.
You are now in the expert settings parameter area.

Repeatedly pressing the smart logo button shows the next parameter that can be changed.
When you have found a parameter you wish to change, press either the track up or track down button until the desired setting is shown for that parameter.

To end expert settings mode, press the FM/AM button.

Expert Settings List

Traffic Announcements Volume

>>TAVOL 05<< to >>TAVOL 35<<
If you have the traffic announcements system activated, this is the volume it will come through at.

Phone Volume

>>PHVOL 05<< to >>PHVOL 35<<
If you have a hands free mobile phone kit attached this is the setting that adjusts the call volume. During a call you can adjust the volume using the track up and down buttons.

Phone Muting

>>PHONE OFF<< The radio does not respond to incoming calls..
>>PHONE ON<< The stereo is automatically muted when a call is received.
>>PHONE IN<< When a call is received, the stereo will switch itself on (if off), it will automatically mute the music and direct the phone call through the car speakers.

Auto Change To Regional Programme

If an RDS programme consists of various stations, it may occur that your car radio switches between these regional stations.

>>REG ON<< Automatically switches to another regional programme.
>>REG OFF<<Regional programme switching is turned off.

Ignition Switching

>>IGN ON<< The radio is turned on and off with the ignition switch.
>>IGN OFF<< The radio is turned on and off by pressing the volume knob.
This last setting automatically turns the radio off after 30 minutes to save the battery.

Warning Beeps

>>BEEP ON<< the button press confirmation beeps are turned on
>>BEEP OFF<< no button press conformation beeps will sound.

Locking The AM Range

>>AM ON<< The AM range can be selected using the FM/AM button.
>>AM OFF<< The AM range cannot be selected.

Security Code

>>CODE<< Theft protection is turned off
>>SAFE<< Theft protection is turned on.

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