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Grundig Radio Info

Modification Details

Stereo Information


The radio receives RDS (Radio Data System) signals.
RDS carries info such as station name.
You can also adjust the radio to receive the station even if you drive into another reception area.

FM And AM Reception

The radio covers:
FM band 87.5 to 108.0
MW band 531kHz to 1602kHz
LW band 153 kHz to 271kHz

Changing Radio Mode

If you are currently playing a CD:
Press the AM/FM button and you will hear the last station you selected.
Pressing the AM/FM button again will switch between the >>FM 1<< >>FM 2<< >>FM3<< and >>AM<< ranges.

Automatic Station Searching

Select the required band and the display will display something like >>FM 95.80<<
Press up or down on the track selector buttons to search up and down the range.
The automatic search stops at the next station.

Searching For Traffic Programme Stations

This function can be switched on and off with the TP button.
TP appears in the upper right corner of the display for as long as the traffic programme function is activated. If traffic programme is activated, the automatic search only stops when it finds a radio traffic announcement station.

Storing Stations

Press the desired station button until the signal sounds.
The station is stored on the station button.
The display will show M1, M2, M3 or M4.

TP Traffic Programme

To activate TP or to deactivate, press the TP button.
TP will show on the display when it is active.

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