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Grundig Sound Upgrade Activation

If you fit tweeters to a Grundig stereo where you had none before, you may need to activate them

Modification Details

Upgrade Information

If you don't have the extra sound pack on your fortwo or Roadster
then you will just have the standard midrange speakers.
They are under the dash in the fortwo and in the doors on the Roadster.

Because you don't have any tweeters attached, the Grundig stereo is set up to send the full range of frequencies through the only speakers you have. When you add tweeters initially there is a good chance that they won't work. This is because you have to setup the Grundig stereo so it outputs the high frequencies to the tweeters and the remaining frequencies to the other speakers.

Activation is easy enough.

Stereo Information

If you have the radio or cassette stereo make sure you have the sound upgrade chip installed in it.
The chip is pushed into the top of the stereo . There is a removable cover. Have a look 
If you don't have the chip, contact smart or ask on the forums.

The CD stereo already comes with an integrated chip and is ready to go.

Activating The Grundig Sound Upgrade

Press and hold the music symbol button whilst turning the unit on. 

Continue to hold the music button until SOUND ON or OFF is displayed. 
Repeat to toggle the feature. Obviously you want 'sound on'.

The sound upgrade is now activated and the tweeters should work.

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