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Grundig Stereo Difference

Quite a few For2 owners want the CD stereo, because they are quite expensive and a rare find, people often go to Ebay. That's where the problems begin.

Modification Details

Countless times over the past few months I have seen Ebay adverts
claiming that their Roadster CD stereo will fit the For2. The fact is it won't.

Dispite having the same internals, the face is too big to fit in the For2 space.

Can I Take The Face Off And Replace It With A For2 Face?

Well yes you could but you need the chassis tabs and a For2 face.

Let's Have A Look

First off you need to unhook all 8 plastic clips, four on each side.

With those unhooked you can pull the volume knob off and the face comes off.

With the front off you can see the different chassis sides,
the For2 chassis has holes that the face slots through.

Technically the stereo is the same in both with 1 exception.
On the Roadster version there is an extra LED above the volume knob.

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