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Highline - What It Could Have Been

I have always wondered about the miriad of connections on the back of the Highline stereo.

Modification Details

Standard Connections

Smart only documented the 3 main connections for the Bosch Highline stereo.

Pin Number Wire Colour Connection
A1 Brown Black Parking Switch for DVD (Highline)
A2   No Connection
A3 No Connection
A4 Red Blue 12v Permanent Live
A5 Black 12v Remote out
A6  Grey Blue Lighting Input Speedo pin 12
A7 Black Grey  12v Switched
A8 Brown Earth
B1 Blue Right : Dash Tweeter +, Sub pin5, Rear +
B2 Brown Blue Right : Dash Tweeter -, Sub pin2, Rear -
B3 Pink Door Right : Speaker & Tweeter +
B4 Brown Pink Door Right : Speaker & Tweeter -
B5 Violet Door Left : Speaker & Tweeter +, Sub pin4
B6 Brown Violet Door Left : Speaker & Tweeter -, Sub pin1
B7 Yellow Left : Dash Tweeter +, Left Rear +
B8 Brown Yellow Left : Dash Tweeter -, Left Rear -
C1 Pre-amplified Out Left Rear (Highline)
C2 Pre-amplified Out  Right Rear (Highline)
C3 Audio Earth (Highline)
C4 Pre-amplified Out Left Front (Highline)
C5 Pre-amplified Out Right Front (Highline)
C6 REM Switched Live (Highline)
C18 Line Ground
C19 Line In Left
C20 Line In Right

Smart weren't even aware of the pre-amplified outputs found at C1 to C6.
It was only because I was testing all of the connections for earthing, voltage or a signal that I found them.

A Lot Of Connections!

The main undocumented connection on the rear of the Bosch Highline is the vertical 10 pin connector.
It must do something, it can't be there for no reason can it? Wrong, you underestimate smart.

I managed (after 2 years of trying) to get an official pin-out diagram for the Highline stereo.
After testing all of the connections with an oscilloscope and multimeter I got back in touch with Bosch.
Mainly because their official pin-out diagram was wrong, very wrong.


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