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Highline Firmware Files

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Bosch Highline Firmware Update

Below are the download links for the Bosch Highline stereo.

You have 2 versions of the firmware, each one depends on the stereo version you have.

The V1 was updated from V0815 to V0923 and the V2 was updated from V1208 to V1223.
There was no difference between a V1 with V0820 and a V2 with V1208.

There was also no operation difference between V1 with the V0923 update and a V2 with the V1223 update.
There was only 2 different types of update because of the 2 different display hardwares.

So, if you have a version number between V0815 t
o V0923, you require Version 1.
So, if you have a version number between V1208 to V1223, you require Version 2.

The stereo will not allow you to install the incorrect update version.
I'm just trying to save you downloading the wrong one.

Firmware Below V0820?

I have had 2 people contact me saying that they have firmware V0815.
This is lower than mentioned in the smart updates so I can't guarantee that the update will work,
however, if you want to try version 1, give it a try and let me know.

What Does The Firmware Update Do?

It installs newer bluetooth drivers that cover more phones.
It updates the navigation software so it plans routes quicker.

What The Firmware Update Doesn't Do

These firmware updates do NOT update the maps.
It does not reset the security code.
It does not repair a faulty touch screen.
It does not fix the failed screen lighting.
It does not fix freezes or crashes.

If you have a fault with your stereo, look here.

Bosch Highline V1 Or V2?

Most people don't know that there are 2 versions of the Bosch Highline stereo.
Anything manufactured up to July 2011 (serial number 00000001 to 00032999) was version 1.
Units manufacturered from August 2011 onwards (serial number 0033000 onwards) was version 2.

Version 1 shipped with software version V0815.
Version 2 shipped with software version V1208.

How Do I Find My Serial Number?

In the menu, go to:
Extra, Options, System Settings, Product Information.
Your serial number will be displayed as an 8 digit code.

Or, you can look at the sticker on the top of the stereo. The serial number is in the bottom left as a 7 digit code.

How Do I Find Out My Current Firmware?

In the menu, go to:
Extra, Options, System Settings, Product Information.
Your firmware version will be displayed.

Thanks to Adam P for the photo and clarification of the V2 starting firmware number.
Smart's own documentation stated that it started at V12.10 but clearly it's V12.08.

How To Use The Firmware Update

Unzip the file that you have downloaded to your computer. Open the unzipped folder until
you see a bunch of files. Copy the contents of that folder to the main directory of an SD card.

It would seem that the name of the SD card can affect whether or not it can be read by the Highline stereo.
So, to save issues, make sure it's called something like:

no name

So when you double click on the SD card, the 1st directory you come to (root) has a load of files in it.

Turn the Highline stereo on, open the screen and insert the SD card, close the screen.
Press and hold the volume button until the lights go out underneath the buttons on the left.
Press the volume button again to restart the Highline stereo. The update will begin.

What's New?

The navigation is apparently quicker. The update fixes some issues with the connection to some BlueTooth devices.
It also adds DVD region code changing. You can only change the region code 5 times but this number is reset when
you reinstall the firmware again plus there is a sneaky trick so you don't need to change it more than once.


This might seem obvious but don't piss off the update process. Make sure you have sufficient power
in the battery, don't pull the SD card out until the update has completed and don't press anything.

If you annoy it, you could damage some files and brick the unit.

One site reader said that the update failed every time when the car was running but updated fine with the car off.

Why Am I In Germany?

After updating the firmware, the GPS unit will be reset and take a while to work out where in the world you are.

In the mean time, it will say you are in Germany. If you don't have German maps installed, the map will be
grey or non existant. After a while stationary (longer if you are driving), the GPS will work out where
you are and store the location for next time. This "cold start" GPS lock takes a while as it has to take
signals from all the satellites it can make contact with, work out which ones it is talking to and then
triangulate a position onto a map. Any time after this it'll take about 10 seconds to pin point your location.

The "warm start" GPS lock knows roughly your location and what satellites it is talking to so it's faster.


In addition to the standard site disclaimer, I'd like to add that I bear no responsibility if this update
or anything regarding to information on this page fucks up your Highline stereo. These are the files
that were supplied to me by smart and they worked fine on the Highline stereos that I tried it on.

Just to press this issue home. So far, several Highline stereos have died whilst installing this firmware update.
It's a small percentage but there is a real risk. Some had corrupt RAM which it refused to fully write over.
Another one, who knows, it went blank. It could have been a corrupted download or SD card.

So, please do not use these files to update your stereo. Although these files have been downloaded hundreds of
times and I have only had reports of a small number that have failed, don't do it. I can't be dealing with angry or
unhappy people who now have a Highline stereo that doesn't work. If you take your chances, that's up to you.

If you do update your stereo and it breaks it, don't bother me with it.

Firmware Update File Download


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