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Highline Security Code

The facelift 451 from 2011 could be optioned with the Bosch touchscreen stereo. This had a security code

Modification Details

This is the Bosch Highline touchscreen GPS and DVD playing stereo.

When you first pick up your car from the dealer the security code will be 0000.
Smart recommend that you use the menu system to change it to a memorable number.

What If It Isn't 0000 When I Get Mine?

Join the club. Mine wasn't 0000 either and would not power up without the correct code.
It would seem that at some point probably during the PDI someone decided to listen to
the stereo and for some reason, change the security code. So a code had to be found.

How Can You Find A User Set Code?

Bosch do have is a master code for each Highline stereo.
Smart can obtain this code for you (price unknown) that, when entered into the stereo,
will reset the security code back to 0000 allowing you to turn the stereo on, gain
access to the menus and change the security code to something you'd remember.

Don't forget it again as the reset code works once.

Or, if you have a specific set of skills, you can read the data off the chip and calculate the code. Click.

Is There A Common Reset Pin Code?

No. They are all different.

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