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Parcel Shelf For Speakers

It's an age old mod that can be seen in many modified cars:

Modification Details

Materials that you will need:

1x piece of thin MDF (about 9mm+),
2x speakers,
Material to cover the shelf,

First of all, cut the piece of MDF to exact size to fit over your boot. I planned to use the metal bars from the luggage cover as supports so cut the MDF to fit on top of them.
You can use a soft cover as a close template and trim the MDF to suit.

Once cut to the right size, mark out the speaker positions and cut the speaker holes.
Place the speakers in the hole, mark the fixing points and drill some pilot holes.

Cut out the wadding and material (I used fake black leather) so that there is at least 3 inches extra all the way round and cut out the holes for the speakers. I used the wadding so that when the speakers are screwed down, they will look slightly recessed. It will also cover any imperfections where the wood has been cut.

Staple the material to the MDF sheet around the edge, ensuring that it is pulled taught. Then, staple around the speaker holes, again, pulling the material tight.

Finally screw the speakers onto the shelf and fit the speaker covers.

Remove the metal bar nearest to the boot opening from the luggage cover. The top of the boot cover can be folded down and the single metal bar put back in place. This allows you to still use the back of the luggage cover to act as a divider. Then rest the shelf on top of the bars. Alternatively, you can attach clips to the shelf for extra sturdiness

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