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Ice guides and mods

Radio 6 Retrofit

If you have a Forfour with a single DIN radio 5 and want to fit a double DIN radio 6 or Navigator, you will have to make an ISO to Quadlock connector

Modification Details

You can buy ISO to Quadlock adapters on eBay but they are no good because they don't have enough connections,
you'll have to make your own from parts (also available on eBay), so time to break out the soldering iron.

What we need are:
1x Quadlock Male connector,
Minumum of 13 contacts (usually you get 16 with the connector),
1x double female ISO connector (either separate or connected as below),
Soldering iron,

My ISO connectors were pre-wired but if you buy a non assembled ISO connector it means more soldering
but saves you having to juggle the wires around later on as you can put them in the right place.

Solder a female connector to the end of each of the wires coming from the ISO connector.
If your ISO connector wasn't pre-wired, solder a male connector to ther other ends.

All done soldering.

Now it's time to start plugging. Cross reference the tables below.

If your ISO connector was pre-wired you will probably have to move some of the connections around.
Generally they aren't that easy to get out but pushing something small and metal down the side usually works.

Make sure all of the connections are in the right places.

Here is my complete adapter. (Ignore the 2 unconnected wires).

Plug in both ends.

Clip it in place.

Test the radio and you are done.

ISO Connector

Quadlock Connector

ISO A1 No Connection
ISO A2 No Connection
ISO A3 No Connection

ISO A4 to Quadlock A15
ISO A5 to Quadlock A13
ISO A6 to Quadlock A11
ISO A7 to Quadlock A9
ISO A8 to Quadlock A12

ISO B1 to Quadlock A1
ISO B2 to Quadlock A5
ISO B3 to Quadlock A2
ISO B4 to Quadlock A6
ISO B5 to Quadlock A3
ISO B6 to Quadlock A7
ISO B7 to Quadlock A4
ISO B8 to Quadlock A8

Fit The Radio 6 Or Navigator To The 451?

Yes, it'll fit but there is 1 issue. The Forfour stereos don't have 2 important wires.
They don't have a switched live cable or an illumination cable. So fitting a Forfour stereo to
a 451 would mean it wouldn't turn on with the ignition and won't dim with the headlights.

Any Fix?

Of course. You need to buy a CAN Bus adapter that outputs the switched live and illumination signal.
Go to eBay and search for can bus speed pulse.

Close-Ups Of The Connections

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