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Roadster Stereo Surround

Modification Details

So, you think the standard stereo is shit and want something with a few more functions?
You'll need a single DIN stereo surround. Available here or here.

Remove your stereo and admire the gaping hole.

The important thing about this hole is that the sides aren't flat. There are plenty of holes.

That's good because the fascia (slide that in place now) has tabs all over the metal cage that pushes into the fascia.
Where suitable, use a flat blade screwdriver to bend over any tabs that will lock the cage in place.

The cage holds both the fascia and the new stereo which pushes in from the front and locks in place.

The Truth About The Standard Stereo

The standard stereo is actually quite good considering. It sounds good and has a built in crossover for the tweeters.
If you are thinking about changing the stereo because you think it sounds crap, change the speakers first.

The Problem With Aftermarket Stereos

Non standard aftermarket stereos don't have the crossover built in so the tweeters will receive full spectrum audio.
That's because the stereo will treat the tweeters as rear speakers. You'll have to add a crossover.

The power connections are usually wired the wrong way. You'll program your radio channels
but as soon as you turn the car off, all your setting will be lost. Swap over the red and yellow wires.
This swaps the permanent and switched (ignition) lives. All your presets will be saved.

You are really limited to 1 DIN (single height) stereos. They have limited functionality.

Aftermarket 1 DIN stereos generally look shit and just don't look right when fitted to the Roadster.

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