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Smart Stereo Types

Modification Details

450 Fortwo

Smart Radio (Grundig)

Smart CC (Grundig)

Smart CD (Grundig)

Navigation & Sound (Becker BE6040)

451 Fortwo

Smart Radio 9 (Visteon)

Smart Radio 10 (Visteon)

Smart Highline (Bosch)

Smart Lowline (Hyundai Mobis)

Pioneer AVIC-U310BT

Pioneer AVIC-F910BT (fitted to the GB-10 special edition)

Smart Media Navigation Center (Alpine INE-S900R)

Smart Media Navigation Center (Alpine INE-W970BT)

Smart Media Navigation Center (Alpine INE-W990BT)

452 Roadster

Smart Radio (Grundig)

Thanks Theo L for the photo.

Smart CC (Grundig)

Smart CD (Grundig)

Navigation & Sound (Becker BE6040)

453 Fortwo & Forfour

Smart Audio System (Visteon)

Smart Media System (Renault R-Link)

Smart Navigation System (Alpine INE-W997D)
with fitting kit KIT-W997SMTW (white) or KIT-W997SMTB (black)

454 Forfour

Smart Radio 5 (Harman Becker Audio 5)

Smart Radio 6 (Harman Becker Audio 20)

Smart Navigator (Harman Becker Navigator - COMAND)

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